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Cristopher Cichocki / Kevin Shields / Rale
3" DVD-r Singles Series Vol. 1

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catalog: Content 002
artist: Cristopher Cichocki / Kevin Shields / Rale
title: 3" DVD-r Singles Series Vol. 1
format: DVD-r / NTSC / Region Free
running time: 00:05:43 // edition:75
physical attributes: 3" DVD-r held on an aluminum sheet, wrapped in printed vellum
and contained within a clear resealable polybag. Size: 5"x7"

1. Motorhands (Cichocki + Shields)
2. Tattered Syntax (Cichocki + Rale)

First in a series of 3" DVD-r singles by Cristopher Cichocki, this split boasts 2 tracks with sonic eruptions courtesy of Los Angeles' Kevin Shields and Rale. With imagery as methodically arranged as the audio it's accompanied by, this single further exemplifies Cichocki's video compositions as a cornerstone in the evolution of avant-garde media.

"If you’re in the market for something to seriously fry you late at night,
it’s going to be difficult to find anything better than this."
- Tiny Mix Tapes

"Another innovative and, thankfully, difficult to categorize release"
- Animal PSI

Brilliant stuff, and a must-have for noise and experimental film fans.
- Startling Moniker